The monthly box for healthy pets

the personalized wellness box for your dog or cat


Does your pet need special general health anxiety digestive allergy urinary/bladder mobility/joint skin and coat ear and/or eye immune system care?

Let's Create A Personalized Plan For Your:

What’s in the box?


Every month, your dog or cat will receive a personalized box filled with a custom selection of supplements and/or vitamins, healthy treats, fun and enriching toys, educational materials, and special offers all custom tailored to their specific wellness profile.

Oh…and there will be a special surprise in there for you, the pet parent, as well! :-)


*Actual items may very depending on the Wellness Profile of your specific pet.

How Does It Work?

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Pre-Orders are available now!  Take advantage of this special offer and secure a discount for your entire first year's subscription.



We’ll send regular updates to all our Founding Members to keep you up to speed on our projected launch and first month's shipping date.



Before you can say, "Haha! The puppy just sat on that poor cat's head", your first box will be on its way and your pet will thank you.

Every Purchase Saves Lives

Willie & Roo’s mission extends beyond great health and wellness products for your furry family members. Our goal is to give back to local pets and their families who need help.

To achieve this mission, we have partnered with the South Texas organization Daisy Cares. A significant percentage of all Willie & Roo proceeds will support their efforts.

Daisy Cares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to provide pet food & medical care to needy pets, as well as reduce animal abuse through public education and awareness. 

Meet Willie & Roo


Willie is a frisky, fun-loving rescue cat who lost one eye to an infection as a kitten. It hasn't slowed him down, though! Try to swing a toy past you it won't happen! This amazing boy never misses his target. He also never misses his daily scratches.


Roo is the sweetest rescue pup you’ll ever meet. Born with a birth defect that left him with a deformed leg, he doesn't move as fast as his sisters. (but he sure doesn't know that!) He refuses to quit and teaches us the meaning of "determination" on a daily basis.